Utility Bill Management Solutions
Here at Source To Go, we work with you to transform your current process using a combination of automation and solutions to achieve accurate Utility Bill Management/Services
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Giving you analytics of the data from water usage from all metres, to save you money



Streamlining energy usage and demand for full visibility

Natural Gas


Normalizing natural gas consumption data and total cost



Streamlining waste collection utility data from various providers



Internet, telecommunication and more to save you money



Keep track of your sewage/drainage services

Streamline Sustainability Analytics

Increasing Efficiency


Our team of analysts will use the data captured from utility bills, where the data is normalized to provide you with the most accurate historical utility database. With increased visibility and real time analytics, this will allow you to quickly compare and identify the best methods to internalize and improve sustainability and conservation goals with efficient, lean utility invoice management.

Utility Bill Processing

Improving Your Process With Automation


We understand the considerable amount of challenges that are related to utility bill processing due to the variance between service providers. Our analysts combine advance data capture and data entry methodology. We work with you to streamline your utility bill processing by increasing accuracy, saving time and reducing costs.

Source To Go Utility Manager

the Average Cost of Processing and Time

Email, Scan or Upload Utility Bills

Utility bills can be sent directly to our cloud network, or emailed and scanned to be processed in real time.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Source To Go analysts will normalize, accurately extract data to make all payments for you to save your business time and costs.

Cutting Edge Analytics

Our analysts will provide you with real time analytics and any custom reports you require to save your business money.

Your 24/7 Team

Our dedicated team will be available to you 24/7 to work with your business needs, to save you time, cost and to increase productivity and efficiency.

Utility Bill
Management Services


Utility Bill Data Collection, payment, and analysis are streamlined to improve cost-efficiency and sustainability. Here at Source To Go, we work with you to transform your current process using a combination of automation and solutions to achieve accurate Utility Bill Management/Services.


Let us work with you, to simplify your process, take the stress out of meeting due dates, avoiding late fees. We work diligently to ensure the data is accurate along with producing analytics. Through the power of data analytics, we flag any potential errors or high usage concerns to save your business money.

A Green Future


We are aware of corporate social responsibilities that businesses have to being Eco friendly and Green as possible. We work with you hand in hand with you to spot any flashing signals where it appears more energy is being consumed than ordinarily through our analytics.

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